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Knowing the Colomares Castle of Benalmádena

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This is the dream of a surgeon who loved history and dedicated all his life and fortune to this castle. A place worth of getting to know, for its beauty and its views of Benalmádena coast.

Castillo de Colomares
Colomares Castle in Benalmádena.

The Colomares Castle is located in Benalmádena, Málaga province. An impressive modern work built between 1987 and 1994 by Dr. Esteban Martín and two assistants. The story tells that Dr. Esteban was a surgeon in love with history and art who at the end of the last century, left the scalpel to build a monument as a tribute to Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of America.

Its architecture mixes influences from different architectural styles such as the Neo-Byzantine, Neo-Romanesque, Neo-Gothic and Neo-Mudéjar that culturally marked Spain. The materials used are brick, concrete, natural stone and wood, among others; in addition to the stained glass windows inside.

For more than 15 years Doctor Esteban Martín was taken for a madman since he dedicated all his fortune to build this great monument.

The Doctor and two bricklayers worked tirelessly for years building towers of more than 30 meters, they built fountains, stone boats and sculptures of unusual beauty, a gigantic work that only a person with an almost unhealthy and irreducible passion and faith could perform.

At the time he ran out of funds to continue his work, he had to ask for help in various institutions, but nobody believed in him and nobody supported him; he even wrote letters to the King of Spain requesting help without getting an answer, an attitude that the Doctor never understood.

The monument presents various elements of the symbolism of the Catholic Monarchs, of the three cultures present in medieval Spain (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) and other elements of Columbus' journey. It also has the presence of a Chinese pagoda that symbolizes Columbus' original idea of reaching the shores of Asia.

The views of the Mediterranean and all its surroundings from the Colomares Castle are exceptional.

Information of interest.

Phone numbers: (+34) 952 44 88 21- 678 03 40 11



Schedule: Open from Wednesday to Sunday.


From 10.00 hs. to 14.00 hs.

From 17.00 hs. to 21.00 hs


From 10.00 hs. to 18.00 hs.


From 10.00 hs. to 18.00 hs.


From 10.00 hs. to 19.00 hs.

Prices: Adults 2.50 €, Children and pensioners 2.00 €

NOTE: The monument is visited externally only.


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