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Fun with dolphins at Selwo Marina in Benalmádena!

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Selwo marina de Benalmadena

Selwo Marina is an animal park well known for its dolphin exhibition, which allows visitors to get close to the tropical fauna and enjoy a wide variety of experiences such as getting to know penguins and feeding them, also you can enjoy swimming among dolphins and be close to sea lions.

The Selwo Marina is a wildlife park and dolphinarium located in Benalmádena Costa, in the province of Malaga, Spain. It has an extension of 1.67 hectares located in the heart of Costa del Sol, next to Parque de la Paloma and close to the promenade.

Its facilities include a large swimming pool where you can swim with the dolphins and enjoy the show, as well as the ice island of penguin, unique in Andalusia.

Zonas del Selwo Marina:

  • The Ice Island: The first Ice Island for Penguins in Andalusia and the home of the great penguin family of Selwo Marina: come inside to meet the species of King Penguins, Magellan, Macaroni and Juanito, the most complete and representative collection of zoological nuclei in Europe. 
Selwo Marina pinguinario de benalmadena

The Ice Island faithfully reproduces the natural habitat of these birds, replicating the environmental conditions of the icy cliffs of the southern lands of the planet.

  • Las Antillas, the Selwo Marina area that transports us to the warm Caribbean, has the large Dolphinarium complex, a large facility with different saltwater pools. You will see underwater the intelligent dolphins belonging to the Bottlenose Dolphin or bottlenose species, originating from the warm Caribbean waters. 
Selwo Marina piscina

Selwo Marina has 5 pools, one for training, one breeding pool, one for veterinary treatments and the presentation pool. The latter, the largest of all, is a spectacular circular saltwater pool, with transparent front panels so visitors can see dolphins very close.

  • Bahía de los leones marinos, the facility that recreates a natural bay with a large saltwater pool specially designed to allow people to take a bath with this large marine mammal, a refreshing and entertaining educational program that allows meet this species native to the distant lands of Chilean and Argentine Patagonia.

In the Laguna de los Flamencos lives this stylized bird with long legs and colorful feathers that owes its tone to food.

If you are one of the most adventurous, you can dive into the water with these wonderful and friendly sea creatures.
  • La Hondonada It is the area destined for the presentation of exotic birds from one of the most legendary and striking territories in South America: the Amazon.
guacamaya selwo marina

You will be able to meet exotic birds such as cockatoos, among them the white cockatoo and the pastinator cockatoo; macaws (blue and yellow and red), yacos, and observe their magnificent flights, just as they would in their natural environment.

A solid wood walkway, built similar to those used to save the multiple rivers of the South American heart, will take you to a new area of the Park. In the upper part, next to Los Trópicos, the new territory of the park, there is a secluded garden to stop along the way; and in the lower area the playground, with various proposals such as slide and swings.

While the children have fun and feel like the kings of this space specially designed for them, you can have a soft drink, an ice cream or whatever you want in the Cabaña de las Delicias, the catering facility next to this area.

  • Amazonía It's the habitat dedicated to the Amazon, the most legendary and charismatic of the rain forests, which is home to half of the planet's animal and plant species, many of them still uncatalogued. In addition, it has a wide representation of flora and fauna species from the mighty Amazon River.

In this area of the Selwo Marina we can find two different rooms:

  1. The Aquariums area, where the waters and the territories bordering the Amazon River are recreated, you will see species as the scalar fish, the red piranha or the poisonous arrow frog. The tarantula also lives in this first room, which will surprise you with its size and shape.
  2. The aquaterrariums, where in addition to different types of fish you can see species of reptiles and amphibians that live in the river, such as the black iguana of Útila, a reptile of the family Iguanidae, the emerald boa or the hoofed iguana. 
  • Los Trópicos, the new habitat of Selwo Marina, hosts a representation of species of terrestrial habits such as the Muntjac, originating from the jungles and forests of South Asia, which owes its name to the sound it produces, similar to the barking of a dog.

Birds such as the scarlet ibis with its showy beak and its stylized figure, which owes its name to the tone of its plumage, or reptiles such as the green iguana, whose skin color allows it to blend in, that is, merge with the vegetation to go unnoticed.

Sakí de Cabeza Blanca

The White-headed Saki, a primate native to Asia whose male has striking white fur that surrounds his face. It is an animal with diurnal habits and mainly arboreal. Their diet is made up of fruits, leaves, honey, and sometimes small mammals and birds.

And now that you know all the tourist attractions that Selwo Marina offers for you, we will leave you information that could be useful when planning your visit to this wonderful park. If you plan to visit it by car, enter your departure address and check the best route on the map or search for it in the GPS navigator of your car or mobile phone.

A7 motorway: exit 222 Benalmádena-Arroyo de la Miel.
N340 (Costa): Avenida Antonio Machado

if you travel by public transport, you can reach the Selwo Marina by:

  • Train of Cercanías RENFE: Arroyo de la Miel stop (Benalmádena)
  • Portillo buses: Línea 110 (Málaga – Benalmádena)
  • Portillo buses: Línea 120 (Torremolinos – Fuengirola)
  • Local Bus: L2 Stops Selwo Marina or Windmills
  • Local Bus: L1 Parque de la Paloma stop.

Information of interest.

Phone numbers: (+34) 952 577 773 




May and June:

from 10:00 to 18:00.

July and August:

From 10:00 a.m. at 9:00 p.m.

September, October, November and December:

From 10.00 hs. to 18.00 hs.

January, February, March and April the park remains closed

Prices: Adults 2.50 €, Children and pensioners 2.00 €

General: Online only 16.90€ At admission 22€

Reduced (children from 3 to 11 years old, people over 65 years old, and disabled visitors): Online only 13.50€ At admission 16.50€

Children under 3 years: Online only 0€ At admission 0€


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